Click to Gold: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ads for Artists


Have a high-converting website in place and ready to showcase your art to the world? We break down how to drive qualified traffic to your website and make those art sales on autopilot using Facebook & Instagram ads in this 7-hour course.

Get a stream of online inquiries and sales from high-net-worth collectors internationally, consistently, and year-round.

Develop an effective online sales and marketing strategy with frameworks we've used to scale clients to 6, 7, and 8 figures online.

Transform desire into action, clicks into gold, and passion into profit.

For artists who:
🖼️ Already have a high-converting website in place and are ready to showcase their art to the world.
🌐 Are exploring new avenues for selling their art online and diversifying their revenue streams.
🔍 Want to sell directly to art collectors.
🔓 Seek to break free from the constraints of art platforms like Saatchi Art, ArtMajeurs, physical art fairs, and art galleries.
📊 Possess basic data analytical and content creation skills.
💸 Wish to bid farewell to commission fees and unpredictable sales.

Who is this course NOT for?
💸 Experienced artists who have already sold over £10,000+ worth of art online using Meta ads (We will launch an advanced course just for you).

🫣those who do not already have a high-converting e-commerce website in place

💥 Artists whose artworks contain

This isn't within our control, as FB & IG the social media platforms censor these content and artworks on these content. Ads & content about these subjects would most likely be rejected by these platforms. 

🧐 If you are an emerging artist and your artworks are mainly £5000+ and you don't have at least one of the following:

  1. Lower priced products/merchandises
  2. Gallery/auction representation or track record
  3. Means of exhibiting your artworks in physical settings for the art collectors to view before they buy

this course may not be the best fit for you, as it would be difficult to sell your paintings online. This is according to the macro data from art collectors' report that they would be hesitant to purchase a £5000+  painting without having seen it in person. But if you are established and have credentials to prove that, you can sell £Millions worth of paintings online and offline. (Think Damien Hirst..) 

How long does it take to complete the course? How much time do I need to dedicate to it? This course is designed to be completed at your own pace. The video content totals approximately 7 hours, while the associated assignments would require you approximately 40-60 hours of your time.

I can learn this by myself through YouTube videos?

It's possible to pick up some basic digital marketing skills through YouTube videos. However, the majority of digital marketing content on YouTube is primarily aimed at promoting E-commerce products that target a wide and general audience, often at lower price points. This type of content is not specifically crafted for the unique demands of the art world.

Our course, on the other hand, is specifically tailored for artists. As a former digital marketing agency with extensive experience across tech, E-commerce, and the art sector, we leverage our insider knowledge to deliver strategies that are most effective for art marketing. We also integrate the most recent digital marketing insights from 2024, including how emerging technologies like ChatGPT can help you save time.

Moreover, we employ the Pareto Principle in our lessons to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. We focus on the essential 20% of Meta Ads knowledge that will yield 80% of the results, explained in straightforward, non-technical terms that artists can easily grasp and apply.

According to our customers, the practical, artist-centred approach of our course far exceeds the generalized advice found on YouTube. Hear what they say:

“I looked into the Meta Ads Manager a while before I heard about Surreal Academy course. I was quite overwhelmed and even after some Youtoube videos I did not feel very confident to start running ads. I found that the mainstream general e-commerce ad setup might work well if you are selling mainstream things but might not work for artist.I think this course was very beneficial when it comes to feeling more confident about showing my work, running ads and feeling more confident about my artist career in general. And hurray I have a marketing plan now.” - Marlies Plank, photographer

“Of all the courses I've taken, Surreal Digital's approach stands out as the most effective, motivating me to take action and yielding tangible results. This investment has undoubtedly been worthwhile.” - Joao Gago Gomes, abstract painter

“I'm going to warn you, I've looked at a lot of courses and I haven't done any of them because I knew they weren't like this one. So, the best time to do this course was yesterday. And the second best time is today. To top it off, I find the price really affordable for all that is offered.” Miquel Cazana, landscape & fantasy painter

I have gallery representation, and my art gallery won't like it if I sell my art online. What should I do?

Most galleries don't have a solid marketing strategy in place to sell your art, and over 90% of all art galleries don't know how to sell art online or through social media and often don't allocate enough budget to artists. Each gallery tends to represent 10-15 artists, and marketing efforts and budget of one gallery are often scattered.

Watch the video which explains why gallery representation isn't necessarily the best avenue to sell your art on our How It Works page. Unless you are represented by the blue-chips that have access to a roster of Ultra High Net Worth art collectors and museum connections, it's usually not worth the 50% split for the gallery to market your art, when you could have earned potentially more marketing yourself. 

How do I access the course? Upon purchasing the course, you'll gain access through the Kajabi platform. You'll receive an email invitation to create an account, granting you access to the course content. Simply log in through this link to proceed at your convenience. Please be aware that there might be a delay in receiving the login details. If you haven't received them within 1 hour, please contact us at

Can I share my course login with others? By purchasing this course, you agree not to share your login information or engage in any form of unauthorised reproduction, duplication, or distribution of course materials. Surreal Digital LTD holds the copyright to this online course and reserves the right to terminate any account found in violation of these terms.

Is this course conducted live? No, it is not live, although it includes recordings of previous live sessions.

Will I have access to the course indefinitely after purchase? Yes, you will have access indefinitely. In the event of any changes to our online course provider, we will provide advance notice and instructions on how to maintain access to your purchased course.

Can I get live review for my homework? In this self-paced, pre-recorded course, we do not offer feedback. However, you can receive feedback during live coaching sessions, which would require an additional fee. For more information, please enquire separately through the contact us form.

For full terms and conditions, please refer to this page.

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Get online art sales on autopilot, internationally and year-round

Develop a cost-effective online art marketing strategy with frameworks we've honed from scaling agency clients to 6,7,8 figures

Transform desire into action, clicks into gold, and passion into profit


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