Website Alchemy For Artists 101: Turning Visitors into Collectors


Transform your website into a sales and enquiry-generating powerhouse. Break free from the constraints of art fairs and art marketplaces like Saatchi Art, ArtMajeur, etc. Wave goodbye to commission fees and unpredictable sales.

Why opt for a luxury, e-commerce-optimised website instead of a portfolio site? Explore the distinction between shopping at Chanel versus Uniqlo. Why do collectors splurge on a Chanel site but spend less at Uniqlo?

Your website serves as your luxury storefront, business card, and crucial first impression.

Discover how to craft a website that not only automates sales but also captures the heart and soul of your potential collectors.

In this module, we'll unlock the proven website formula employed by 6, 7, and 8-figure online art businesses, and follow a step-by-step guide to recreate it in less than a week, utilising no-code solutions on Shopify. We'll also teach you how to master the art of website data analysis to effortlessly convert visits into enquiries and sales.

Who is this course for? This course is designed for artists who:
🎨 Are exploring new, online avenues to sell their art and diversify their revenue streams
🔍 Want to sell directly to art collectors
🔓 Seek to break free from the constraints of art platforms like Saatchi Art, ArtMajeurs, physical art fairs, and art galleries
💸 Wish to bid farewell to commission fees and unpredictable sales
💻 Possess basic technical skills to build a website
🛍️ Are open to using Shopify as a website building platform

Who is this course NOT for?

This course is not suitable for experienced artists who already have a high-converting ECommerce website with a website conversion rate exceeding 1% and who have already sold over £10,000 worth of art online. It is also not suitable for those who are unwilling to consider Shopify as a website builder to optimise their conversion rate.

How long does it take to complete the course? How much time do I need to dedicate to it?

This course is designed to be completed at your own pace. The video content totals approximately 3 hours, while the associated assignments - building your website - typically require 25-40 hours of your time. Our information is quite dense since our teaching approach generally follows the Pareto principle, meaning we cover 80% of the most important content in 20% of the time. Often, artists will rewatch a short module a few times to digest the information.

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Is this course conducted live? No, it is not live, although it includes recordings of previous live sessions.

Will I have access to the course indefinitely after purchase? Yes, you will have access indefinitely. In the event of any changes to our online course provider, we will provide advance notice and instructions on how to maintain access to your purchased course.

Can I get live review for my homework? In this self-paced, pre-recorded course, we do not offer feedback. However, you can receive feedback during live coaching sessions, which would require an additional fee. For more information, please enquire separately through the contact us form.

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Turn your website into an automated sales & enquiry-generating machine

Craft a luxurious online storefront that captures
the heart and soul of your potential collectors

Break free from the constraints of art marketplaces and art fairs

Websites built with this course


What does
it include?

How to design marketing funnels tailored to the purchase behaviours of your customer avatars and understand the role of a website vs. landing page

The foolproof high-converting website formula breakdown, PAGE BY PAGE, of $20-103M/Year online art businesses and step-by-step guide to recreate them in less than a week, with no-code solutions on Shopify

My 51 action item checklist to make sure your website is going to pull as many online art sales as possible (miss just ONE of these and prepare to flush your dollars and efforts down the toilet!)

A list of 20 high-converting websites of online art businesses that sell thousands to millions of highly priced paintings online per year (so you can apply these and convert your website visitors into art collectors)

How to use Chat GPT to efficiently write artwork descriptions that emotionally resonate with your art collectors (this will save you hours of manual work)

30+ High Quality Drag-and-drop Interior artwork mockup files for your artworks (it’ll save you hours of boring manual work)

2 free tools you can use to analyse your website traffic (And how to turn these valuable data into actions that generate you art sales!)

How to increase profitability by productising your art with print-on-demand companies (so you can sit back and relax while they fulfil and ship your customer orders for you)

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